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House of Hideaways is an exclusive collection of curated hotels designed to find the perfect match for every guest. We aim to take the hassle out of hunting for hidden gems. With our easy to use hotel search engine you can easily find the best luxury- and boutique hotels, read our high-quality recommendations and book your stay right away. Our platform is the ultimate source for finding undiscovered, unforgettable hotel experiences.

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Mountain retreats

Waking up with a panoramic view, enjoying the fresh mountain air every day and marveling at the beautiful nature: this is possible during a stay in one of these hotels in the mountains. Walk across lovely, green alpine meadows in summer or ski down the snow-covered slopes in winter.

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The entire range of House of Hideaways has been carefully compiled by our team with places we have visited ourselves and/or that meet our strict selection criteria. We find it important that there is personal attention for every guest. But also that the location and the interior are unique. In addition, the level of service is well above average, and you can find addresses with us where they go the extra mile to give guests an unforgettable time.

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