In the Spotlight: Paragon 700 Boutique Hotel & Spa

April 01, 2024

Written by Mila

In this section, the team at House of Hideaways shines a spotlight on a gem of a hotel every month. Whether it's the location, the interior design, welcoming hosts, or the facilities, all these hotels have something extra special that we love to share with you. After all, discovering the most beautiful places is what it's all about, isn't it? This month, we're highlighting the luxury boutique hotel Paragon 700 Boutique Hotel & Spa. A luxurious hotel where the charm of the past meets the modern amenities of today. Situated in Puglia, one of the most beautiful regions of Italy.

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In the city center of Ostuni

Paragon 700 is a small-scale, luxurious hotel housed within a historic palace nestled in the whitewashed town of Ostuni, located in the Puglia region. As you wander through this charming city, Paragon 700 quickly catches your eye; it's the only red building amidst the otherwise white streets. However, the allure of the property isn't limited to its exterior; the interior exudes elegance as well. Perhaps the most beautiful you've ever seen, each room and suite boasts exceptional features, such as ceilings adorned with stunning frescoes. Exclusive materials and authentic details are utilized throughout the hotel, creating a sense of luxury. Outside, you'll discover a lush Mediterranean garden, outdoor bar, and terrace with a swimming pool. It truly is an oasis of tranquility in the heart of Ostuni. At this magical retreat, you can indulge in a romantic getaway and create memories to last a lifetime. That's why this exceptional address is also highly suitable for a stylish honeymoon.


Cocktails crafted by Puglia's finest mixologist

At the 8.5-meter-long bar and in the accompanying lounge with a fireplace, you can enjoy aperitifs with accompanying bites daily. The hotel's bar staff are happy to mix their signature cocktails for you, or you can let Leonardo Giorgini, Puglia's best mixologist, prepare a surprising cocktail for you. But wine lovers are also catered to. In the hotel's cellar, wine tastings are regularly organized by the sommelier of the hotel restaurant. Naturally, these often feature local Puglian wines.

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Swimming amidst ancient city walls

Paragon 700 Boutique Hotel & Spa offers all the facilities to turn your stay into a true fairytale. After all, you're not staying in an old palace for nothing! This accommodation is perfect for those seeking complete relaxation and quality time with their partner. For instance, there's the 15-meter-long swimming pool where you can swim countless laps, the massages you can book, or the private yoga and pilates lessons you can take.

Indulge together in the private spa experience

One of the highlights of your stay at Paragon 700 is undoubtedly the luxurious underground spa. Located about seven meters below ground in the former water reservoir, here you can pamper yourself and indulge in the hydromassage bath, steam bath, and spa shower with chromotherapy. In the underground spa, you can also enjoy private time with your loved one and spend time in the jacuzzi surrounded by candles.

Luxury rooms and suites

When you stay here, you'll undoubtedly be staying in one of the most beautiful rooms and suites you've ever seen. Each of the 15 rooms is unique and offers an inspiring interior where even the smallest details are carefully considered. You'll also find characteristic elements such as antique frescoes and fireplaces.

Savor the local cuisine of Puglia

Gastronomy enthusiasts will find themselves right at home in the restaurant. Here, you'll experience an intimate dining experience while enjoying Michelin-level dishes, paired with accompanying local wines, of course. The hotel boasts an extensive collection of wines that you can find in the wine cellar. Whether you prefer dining indoors or in the garden, the kitchen offers high-quality dishes presented as true works of art on your plate. Because Paragon 700 is ideally situated in the center of Ostuni, there are many other restaurants, terraces, and bars within easy reach. You can simply step out the door to sample the best of Puglian cuisine and hospitality.


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